Development of advanced shield systems for fast neutrons

Tinashe Dhliwayo


Neutron shielding capabilities of different materials were investigated using Monte Carlo method. MCNP5 was used to evaluate the capability of some hydrogen rich materials as possible neutron shields. Materials like magnesium borohydride (Mg (BH4)2), beryllium borohydride   (Be (BH4)2) and zirconium hydride (ZrH2) were compared with conventional neutron shielding materials such as water and polythene. Their richness in hydrogen makes them effective neutron shields. A combination of hydrogen rich materials and high-Z atoms improves the fast neutron shielding capabilities of both conventional materials and hydrogen rich materials. Also, the thickness of hydrogen rich materials can be reduced by combining with steels without compromise to their shielding capabilities.


Borohydride, Mg (BH4)2, (Be (BH4)2), metal hydride, ZrH2, HT-9 steel, boron stainless steel, MCNP5, radiation shielding


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