Vol 3, No 4 (2014)

International Nuclear Safety Journal - Special Issue on Decommissioning of Research Reactors

Table of Contents

Nuclear Decommissioning

Entombment: A Viable Decommissioning Strategy for Research Reactors? PDF
Michele Laraia 1-10
IAEA Activities on Decommissioning PDF
Patrick O'Sullivan, Vladan Ljubenov 11-15
Experiences on Research Reactors Decommissioning in the NSRI of the JAEA PDF
Mitsuo Tachibana 16-24
Design for the Dismantling of the WWR-M Primary Cooling Circuit PDF
Yuri Lobach, Valery Shevel 25-36
Dose Assessment for Decommissioning Planning of the Greek Research Reactor Primary Cooling System PDF
Ion Stamatelatos 37-42
NPP decommissioning: a methodology to evaluate the gaseous pollution produced by hot cutting processes PDF
Massimo Rogante, Franco G. Cesari, Gianluigi Migliore 43-61
Development of Preliminary Decommissioning Plan of Reactor IPEN⁄MB-01 PDF
Álvaro Luiz Guimarães Carneiro, Ary de Souza Vivas 62-71
Inventory and Classification of the Components and Systems of the GRR-1 for Decommissioning Planning PDF
Anastasia Savidou 72-81

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