Vol 3, No 3 (2014)

International Nuclear Safety Journal

Table of Contents

Nuclear Safety Culture

Nuclear Safety Culture Attributes and Lessons to be Learned from Past Accidents PDF
Madalina Tronea, Cantemir Ciurea 1-7

Radiological Protection

Radiation Protection Considerations for Nuclear Power Expansion to Nations with Limited Technical Infrastructure PDF
Joseph John Bevelacqua 8-24
Health Physics Considerations for the ITER PDF
Joseph John Bevelacqua 25-52

Nuclear Criticality Safety

Burnup Credit in the Criticality Safety Analysis of Spent Fuel in the RBMK-1000 Storage Systems PDF
Vladyslav Soloviov, Yevgen Pysmenniy 53-59

Research Reactors and Applications

HEU-LEU Core Conversion at Budapest Research Reactor PDF
Gabor Toth, István Benkovics 60-67

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