Nuclear Safety Virtual Assistant

I have “trained” a chatbot in some topics related to nuclear safety and I want to share it with you:

The Nuclear Safety Virtual Assistant is a custom GPT powered by OpenAI. It can be used by ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

If you have the OpenAI ChatGPT app installed on your phone ( ) , search for the custom GPT Nuclear Safety Virtual Assistant and you can also talk to it. It may have a funny accent in some languages but you can make conversations with it. I have talked to it in English and in Romanian (my native language). It does not record audio, but creates the transcripts of the conversations while you talk. Young professionals may use such conversations as mentoring and coaching. You can have quite deep conversations with the chatbot, as you would have with a person.

As nuclear safety is a very complex domain, with many different disciplines and topics involved, you should not expect it to know everything or provide the best possible answers. It does know more than people who are not experts in topics related to nuclear power plants, but at this moment it cannot provide better advice than people who have deep technical expertise and 20-30 years of experience in jobs important to safety in the nuclear industry. Nevertheless, it may be useful to early career professionals and newcomers to the nuclear industry.

Also, to quote OpenAI, be aware that “ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.”

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