Safety Goals


Fundamental Safety Principles
IAEA Safety Standards Series No. SF-1
IAEA, 2006
( see in particular Principle 5 – “Optimization of Protection” and Principle 6 – “Limitation of Risks to Individuals” )

Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Design
Safety Requirements
IAEA Safety Standards Series No. NS-R-1
IAEA, 2000
(para. 4.9 – 4.13)

Proposal for a technology-neutral safety approach for new reactor design
IAEA – TECDOC – 1570
IAEA, 2007
(para 2.4.2 – Quantitative Safety Goals)

Probabilistic Safety Goals

Probabilistic Risk Criteria and Safety Goals
NEA/OECD, 2009

NKS Publications on Probabilistic Safety Goals
NKS-153, Probabilistic Safety Goals. Phase 1 Status and Experiences in Sweden and Finland, NKS, 2007
NKS-172, Probabilistic Safety Goals. Phase 2 – Status Report
NKS, 2008
NKS-195, Probabilistic Safety Goals. Phase 3 – Status Report
NKS, 2009

The Concept of Potential Exposure

Potential exposure in nuclear safety
INSAG-9, a report by the International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group
IAEA, Vienna, 1995

The Meaning and Application of the Concept of Potential Exposure
a report from the CRPPH/CSNI/CNRA/RWMC Expert Group, OCDE/GD(95)145
NEA/OECD, 1995

ICRP, Publication 103, “The 2007 Recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection”, Vol. 37, Nos. 2-4, Elsevier, 2007

ICRP, Publication 64, “Protection from potential exposure: a conceptual framework”, Ann. ICRP 23 (1), Elsevier, 1993

Extension of the Principles of Radiation Protection to Sources of Potential Exposure”
IAEA Safety Series No. 104
IAEA, 1990

Safety Goals (in use or proposed) in various jurisdictions

Safety Goals for the Operation of Nuclear Power Plants
US NRC Policy Statement, Federal Register, Vol. 51, p. 30028, 1986.

Implementation of the Safety Goals
Staff Requirements Memorandum on SECY-89-102
US NRC, 1990

US NRC Policy Issue SECY-00-0077
Modifications to the Reactor Safety Goal Policy Statement
US NRC, 2000

Feasibility Study for a Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Regulatory Structure for Future Plant Licensing
Volumes 1 and 2 (NUREG-1860)
US NRC, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, 2007
(see in particular Volume 1 section 3.2 – “Safety Expectations” and section 6.3 – “Frequency – Consequence Curve”)

RD-310: Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants
CNSC Regulatory Document
CNSC, 2008
(see section 5.2 on Events to be Analyzed)

RD-337: Design of New Nuclear Power Plants
CNSC Regulatory Document
CNSC, 2008
(see section 4.2 on Application of the Technical Safety Objectives)

Nuclear Safety Assessment Principles for Nuclear Installations
UK HSE, 2006
(see pages 95 – 104 for Numerical Targets and Legal Limits and the Explanatory Note on the numerical targets in the Nuclear Safety Assessment Principles issued by the UK HSE / Nuclear Directorate: )

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