Safety Message

Understand your role in ensuring nuclear safety and the importance of your actions.

We have different backgrounds, come from different cultures and work in different organisations. The only thing we have in common is our interest in nuclear energy. In order for nuclear energy to be a sustainable option, its safety must be ensured.

Every one of us can make a contribution to maintaining and improving safety in the nuclear industry. Safety is not only the job of the “safety department” – it is everyone’s responsibility.

Whether you work in an organisation operating nuclear facilities, or in a research organisation, or in a technical support organisation, or in a regulatory authority, or in an organisation recruiting for the nuclear industry, or in an organisation promoting the use of nuclear energy, remember that the quality of your work is important for the safety of the nuclear industry.

Take a moment to ask yourself how your work contributes to the safety of the nuclear industry and what added value can you bring to it.
Understand what is expected from you in your work and what could be the consequences of a failure or error or performance below the standards.
Regard nuclear technology as special and unique and act responsibly in everything you do.

Here you can download a file with all the Safety and Human Performance Messages posted in the Nuclear Safety Group on LinkedIn so far.

If you believe there should be an International Nuclear Safety Day dedicated to raising awareness of nuclear safety among not only people working in the nuclear industry but also among members of the public, then you can contribute to that yourself, by doing something on the 17th of June (the day when the Convention on Nuclear Safety was adopted) – something that goes beyond compliance with safety standards and relates more with the promotion of safety.

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