Small Reactors

Design Features to Achieve Defence in Depth in Small and Medium Sized Reactors (SMRs)
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NP-T-2.2, IAEA 2009

Status of Small Reactor Designs Without On-site Refuelling
IAEA TECDOC CD Series No. 1536, IAEA 2007

Status of Innovative Small and Medium Sized Reactor Designs 2005
Reactors with Conventional Refuelling Schemes
IAEA TECDOC Series No. 1485, IAEA 2006

Innovative Small and Medium Sized Reactors: Design Features, Safety Approaches and R&D Trends
IAEA TECDOC Series No. 1451, IAEA 2005

Staffing Requirements for Future Small and Medium Reactors (SMRs) Based on Operating Experience and Projections
IAEA TECDOC Series No. 1193, IAEA 2001

Small Power and Heat Generation Systems on the Basis of Propulsion and Innovative Reactor Technologies
IAEA TECDOC Series No. 1172, IAEA 2000

Guidance for Preparing User Requirements Documents for Small and Medium Reactors and their Application
IAEA TECDOC Series No. 1167, IAEA 2000

Introduction of Small and Medium Power Reactors in Developing Countries
IAEA TECDOC Series No. 999, IAEA 1998

Small Reactors with Simplified Design
IAEA TECDOC Series No. 962, IAEA 1997

Design and Development Status of Small and Medium Reactor Systems 1995
IAEA TECDOC Series No. 881, IAEA 1996

Small and Medium Power Reactors: Project Initiation Study, Phase I
IAEA TECDOC Series No. 347, IAEA 1985

Small and Medium Reactors
Reports by an Expert Group, OECD/NEA 1991

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Small Modular Reactor List:

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